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Light Composites Partners with Leading Radiotherapy Company to Develop Affordable Breastboard for Under-Resourced Regions

Poway, CA— May 16, 2024 — Light Composites is thrilled to announce our partnership with a major radiotherapy medical device company to develop an innovative, cost-effective breastboard designed for use in regions with limited resources. Leveraging our expertise in composite foams, low-cost composite materials, and 3D printed components, we have created a product that meets high standards of functionality and affordability.

Innovative Materials for Cost Efficiency

The breastboard incorporates advanced composite foams and low-cost composite materials, ensuring durability and comfort for patients. Our use of 3D printed components allows for precise customization and reduces manufacturing costs, making high-quality radiotherapy equipment accessible to a broader range of healthcare facilities.

Collaboration for Impact

Working closely with the radiotherapy company, we focused on designing a product that is easy to produce and transport, addressing the specific needs of healthcare providers in under-resourced regions. Our collaborative approach ensured that the breastboard not only meets clinical requirements but is also affordable and easy to use.

Commitment to Global Health

At Light Composites, we are committed to making a positive impact on global health. This project exemplifies our dedication to using advanced composite technology to create solutions that improve patient care and accessibility. By developing this low-cost breastboard, we are helping to enhance radiotherapy treatments for breast cancer patients worldwide.

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