Light Composites

About Us

Light Composites is a San Diego based carbon composites manufacturer primarily serving the medical device and aerospace industries. We specialize in mold making, pre-preg compression and bladder molding, product development support, rapid prototyping, and CAD/CAM, DFM and FEA.

Light Composites, like many composites manufacturers, started in consumer sporting goods. In 2014 our sister company, Selle Anatomica, endeavored to build a carbon fiber version of their world famous leather bicycle saddle. A decision was made in that process to bring as much manufacturing of the C Series saddle in house as possible. 

Not long after the C Series came to market, Light Composites opened it's doors offering mold making and manufacturing of small composite parts for the medical device and aerospace industries. 

Today Light Composites employs over 35 people using state of the art equipment and cutting edge manufacturing techniques to build some of the most complex composite structures in the world.